KRBORO Men's Heated Vest with Rechargeable Battery Pack Included, Lightweight Down Sport Vest Mens Hunting Vest, Gift for Men

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1Button Control2Smart IC System3Heating Carbon Fiber4Larger Heating Zone5Battery Included
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    This heated vest is powered by a large capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery included is 14400mAh. It has a display to show you the current battery life. it also has a couple of different output ports for charging the phone and heating the vest. it's actually a very warm vest just in it's own. It's quite useful for me to hunt outside all day long in 30 degrees. The indicator on the vest can be turned off if you don't want to spook or position known to any wild animals.

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    This is a nice vest, the removable hood is a cool addition. It's a fashionable choice. Personally I think the light is pretty awesome and I like it on, but if you don't want the light, you can toggle it off. All in all, this is a pretty nice heated vest, great for cold winters. It's fashionable so you can wear it out. it's very durable and high quality. So you can use it fishing or hunting whatever you might need. it's really nice I recommend it!


Can I get a right size under the size chart reference?

KRBORO size charts is suitable for most regular body size, If you hesitate with two adjacent size, you can get two of them, and free return the one doesn't fit you.

Why the heating temperature levels settings are different from other heated vest?

Since body temperature is 98.7°F, other heated vest can only reach 100°F at low level, the difference of only 1.3? makes it useless. We realized that customers need a "HEATED" vest. So we eliminated the low level and introduced a higher temperature.

Does it work with other power bank? How can I get extra KRBORO power pack?

It works but not properly. We recommend it for emergency use only. Because other Power banks are made for mobile phone charging. Our heated vest ‘s performance may not be fully realized with it. Search "B0CMWS8Z41" on Amazon to get our battery pack.

Why the KRBORO heated vest working hour is different from other brands?

Our temperature settings are different from other brand, our low temperature level is equivalent to other brands' medium level, and Our heating area are 40% larger than others. We actually had better range performance for the same heating temperature

How many hours does it take to get fully charged?

It will get fully charged about 3.5-5 hour based on charging wattage 18w to 10w. Don't put it charging on Laptop or PC, which only offer 5V 1A, the wattage is far enough to charge battery.

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